Dear Al‐Hijra Academy Parents,

Reading is one of the most important skills your child will learn in school. Like all skills, improvement comes with practice, and the Al-‐Hijra Academy Library Media Centre provides a wide variety of books for students to borrow for reading practice, information, and enjoyment.

Your child’s class will visit the school library weekly to select books and to participate in literacy lessons. During these lessons, younger children (Preschool-­‐Grade 2) will be exposed to the very best children’s literature and will participate in activities designed to help them enjoy the stories even more. It is our goal to get (or keep) your child   “hooked on reading” because research shows that children who read more, read better!

Older students (Grades 3-­‐8) will focus more on inquiry and research, as well as media literacy.  We will be working with classroom teachers to help students access resources that support their learning and develop the research skills they need in order to evaluate and use these resources to their full potential.


Sr. Maimoona Ali (OCT-­‐Library Media Specialist)