School plays a very important role in a child’s life; it is the home-school connection and communication that ensures student success. We as educators, parents, and active members of the community are partners in our children’s education. By supporting each other as a team, inshaAllah, we shall achieve our common goal of excellence and higher academic achievement, making Al-Hijra an Olympic-level organization. A well-established parent-school partnership works in the best interest of students; by keeping open communication, we can provide our students much needed support in a timely manner to increase opportunities of success and higher academic achievement.

Alhamdulillah, we are blessed in our community with Al-Hijra – an ideal Islamic institution, with professional educators, committed parents, and community members who take this responsibility entrusted to us by Allah SWT very seriously. We want the best for our children and this institution is committed to providing the best of both Islamic knowledge and practice, along with a well-integrated curriculum to lay the foundations of student success. This is reflected through Al-Hijra’s graduating students who perform successfully at various professional and academic programs. Our students compete and shine at local, regional, and national levels. The outcomes of standardized testing (CAT-4), science fair, math contest, public speaking, and chess competitions are good indicators of our professional commitment to student achievement and excellence.

As a principal, I believe my role is very challenging. InshaAllah I shall strive to lead with a vision and work as a facilitator and a coach. Creating a true Islamic environment and working to apply our core Islamic values of justice, discipline, and respect shall remain our guiding principle. On the management side, we shall try to mobilize resources and strengthen our infrastructure to provide a sound base for our success. It is essential to establish higher academic and social standards and provide a well-integrated Islamic curriculum for our staff in order to build stronger student character and achieve academic excellence. It is also our responsibility to provide a conducive environment, with opportunities and appropriate skills to our children so that they become well grounded in Islamic ideals and practices. It is our duty to prepare our children to be exemplary citizens and proud role models capable of meeting the demands of the future. They must be trained and well equipped to face the challenges and solve problems as they arise, while making positive choices and informed decisions throughout their lives, inshaAllah.

The Quran and Sunnah provide us complete discipline and a comprehensive code and ideals of life. Being Muslims, it is our most important duty as parents, educators, and community members to provide our children Islamic environments and education to help them succeed in this world and the next, as they are the foundations of our Ummah–our future. The Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, said, “Each of you is a shepherd, and all of you are responsible for your flocks,” (Saheeh Al-Bukhari, Saheeh Muslim). Alhamdulillah, our community is blessed with families who are highly educated, proactive, and committed to the values of Islam. Al-Hijra and its staff are a valuable asset in our struggle to follow and practice the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet, peace be upon him .

Al-Hijra Academy provides us with an opportunity to fulfill the responsibility entrusted to all of us by Allah, subhanahu wa ta’aala, towards our younger generation. In the fast-changing and challenging world of today, we are bound together by our commitment to the eternal values and guidance of Islam. The same ideals demand that we strengthen each other by communicating and working together. In the light of Allah’s commands, subhanahu wa ta’aala, we should get together as good Muslims and work towards a common vision: to build our future through our children by providing both ta’leem and tarbiyah in its best forms. May Allah guide and help us in our efforts to make our children good practicing Muslims and a Sadaqah Jaariya for us.

Our task is to provide an education for the kind of kids we have….Not the kind of kids we used to have or want to have or the kids who exist in our dreams.” -Anonymous


Sr. Waheeda Khan

Principal, Al-Hijra Academy