Detailed below are the requirements for all Al-Hijra students:

  • All Al-Hijra uniforms uniforms should be purchased locally from the T-Shirt Company of Windsor
  • The shirts are Royal Blue in colour, and the pants and jumpers are Navy blue.

Al-Hijra Academy Uniforms

Grades 4-8 Girls

Uniform tops for Grades 4-8 girls can now be purchased from Br. Mohammad at the T-Shirt Company. He will have samples starting August 29, 2016. Call the store to make sure.

The tops run small so please check the size chart when ordering to see if your child falls within the kids or the adult size. Please be sure to purchase in the colour navy.

If you would like to get your tops made locally you can make them with the following seamstresses:

Alternative Locations for Uniform Purchase

  • **PLEASE NOTE: This option is available to parents who have logos from previous years. Otherwise, if you choose to purchase from other than the T-Shirt Company, you must take your items to Br. Mohammad there to embroider a logo onto the shirts/dresses/sweaters/vests. Call the store for more details.
  • Uniforms can be purchased online using, using the source code QS5BCVM
  • Shipping can be cheaper if you use an American shipping address, as duties are charged on each order shipped to Canada. If you do not have access to an American shipping address, you can get one for free at Each package you pick up will cost $4. Their offices are few minutes from the border and are very convenient. ***Please note that the school logo MUST be visible on students’ tops.
    • French Toast Uniforms can also be found in various stores in Michigan.
    • Burlington Coat Factory
    • Mr. Allens
    • More retail locations can be found online here (use zip code 48226) –
  • If you chose to purchase in Michigan, be sure that you are getting the exact Al-Hijra uniform. Please print off and bring the Al-Hijra Uniform catalog with you to ensure you purchase the correct items.