Executive Team

Sh. Abdullah Hammoud, Director General

Sr. Waheeda Khan, Principal

Sr. Waheeda Khan received most of her education in Islamabad, Pakistan. She received Masters in English from Punjab University Pakistan, later completed Masters in Teaching and Learning with Technology from Michigan State University, East Lansing Michigan. She has Teaching Certification in Elementary Education K-8 from Michigan State. She is a certified member of Ontario College of Teachers. She has completed MLLP Training (Michigan Literacy Progress Profile) from Michigan State University. She has Education Technology Certificate from Michigan State University. She also received Homer Higbee International Education Award and Urban Teaching Intern Scholarship from Michigan State University, East Lansing Michigan. She enjoys unique opportunities to gain insight into what is required to coordinate, implement, and manage highly dynamic and effective academic programs.

Sr. Waheeda believes in continued growth and excellence in student learning, professional development, and a strong home school connection.

Sr. Sousan Khaled, Administrative Assistant

Sr. Sousan Khaled was born and raised in Windsor. She earned her Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education at the University of Windsor, with qualifications in the intermediate and senior divisions to teach English and French. She is also a certified member in the Ontario College of Teachers.
On the constant quest for true Islamic knowledge, Sr. Sousan greatly values reading or listening to anything based upon the Words of Allaah, tabaarakasmuhu, and the sayings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, ‘alayhi salawaatullaah wa salaamuh.
In her spare time, Sr. Sousan enjoys learning Arabic root words and their original meanings through reading and lectures, which helps her to better understand the Qur’an and the true ahadeeth. She loves learning language how to better communicate with others.
Her desire is to make the world a more peaceful place through thoughtful dialogue, verification of information in all its forms, challenging ignorance delicately, and the education of not only children, but anyone with the true desire and will to actually learn.

Sr. Jalila Joyce, Secretary

Academic Staff


Sr. Samia Al-Zaher, Preschool Homeroom - Arabic

Sr. Aqsa Amjad, Preschool Homeroom - English


Sr. Rania Farhan, Homeroom Teacher Junior Kindergarten Section A

Sr. Suheyla Aktas, Teacher Assistant Junior Kindergarten Section A

Sr. Suheyla Aktas was born in Adana, Turkey and grew up in a small town in Yalova. After finishing her school in Istanbul, she got married and moved to Canada. She has now been living here for 13 years. Her hobbies are sewing, painting, cooking, eating, camping and walking daily.

Suheyla has been working voluntarily at Al-Hijra since 2007. Her teacher assistance career spans for a bit over a year. “I have never worked at a school which a child receives such love and care. I do not believe that this statement is an opinion. I know it as a fact because I send two of my children to this school as well.” Suheyla studied and taught the Islamic sciences in Istanbul for 7 years.

Her time away from the classroom is spent with cooking, and spending time with her two kids.

Sr. Ferial Daher, Homeroom Teacher Junior Kindergarten Section B

Sr. Nila Malik, Teacher Assistant Junior Kindergarten Section B

Sr. Miriam Ahmad, Homeroom Teacher Senior Kindergarten

Sr. Mona Kurdi, Teacher Assistant Senior Kindergarten

Grades 1 – 3

Sr. Sawsan Gharaibeh, Homeroom Teacher, Grade 1

Br. Astrit Hali, Homeroom Teacher, Grade 2A

Br. Astrit’s classroom career spans more than five years. He has been a teacher at Al-Hijra Academy since 2009. “I’ve never taught in a school where the staff receives so much support. As a teacher at Al-Hijra Academy I have a built-in safety net.” Br. Astrit, a native of Albania, earned his B.A. and B.Ed. at University of Tirana. He earned a certification from Ontario College of Teachers on April 2006

His time away from the classroom is spent taking care of his family and enjoys spending time with his two children.

Sr. Iman Kalout, Homeroom Teacher, Grade 2B

Sr. Iman holds a Bachelor of Arts and Social Science Degree as well as a Bachelor of Education from the University of Windsor. She has been a teacher for four years now and taught overseas for two of those years. This is her second year teaching at Al-Hijra Academy.

Her decision to pursue a career in education was due to her desire to make a positive impact on the life of a child. As a teacher she wants to instill a passion for learning within her students while providing them with an environment that is positive and encouraging. She feels that as educators, we become catalysts in a child’s ability to reach their fullest potential.

Sr. Hanan Khaled, Homeroom Teacher, Grade 3A

Sr. Louay El-Chami, Homeroom Teacher, Grade 3B

Grades 4-8

Sr. Sarah Hassoun, Homeroom Teacher, Grade 4A

Sr. Hibah Qayyum, Homeroom Teacher, Grade 4B

Br. Abdul Rahman Zabian, Homeroom Teacher - Grade 5A

Sr. Laila Berchali, Homeroom Teacher - Grade 5A

Sr. Mumtaz Elias, Homeroom Teacher - Grade 6

Sr. Ammal El-Assar, Homeroom Teacher - Grade 7

Sr. Dervisa Konjic, Homeroom Teacher - Grade 8

Qur’an & Islam Program

Sr. Reda Kilani, Qur'an Teacher - Grades 1 - 6

Sr. Sawsan Arwani, Qur'an Assistant - Grades 1 - 6

Shaykh Abdullah Hammoud, Qur'an & Islam Teacher - Grades 7 - 8

Sr. Shaima Alhamaideh, Islam Teacher - Grades 4 - 6

Sr. Suha Abdo, Islam Teacher Grades 1 - 3; Quran Teacher Assistant - Grades 7 - 8;

Arabic Program

Sr. Touria Sadouk, Arabic Teacher, Grades 1 - 3

Sr. Shaima Alhamaideh, Arabic Teacher - Grades 4 - 6

Sr. Maisoon Al Saadi, Arabic Assistant, Grades 1 - 4

Sr. Maisoon was born in Palestine and raised in Saudi Arabia. After finishing school, she got married and moved to Canada where she has been living for over 14 years. She loves working with children. Her hobbies include teaching and volunteering.

Sr. Maisoon has been doing volunteer work for the past five years, and recently volunteered at Al-Hijra Academy. She is now a full-time Arabic Assistant at the school, and loves working with the staff here. “It is an amazing environment!”

Sr. Maisoon is putting forth great effort to make the students love the Arabic language–that’s her goal.

After school, she is happy to go home to take care of her seven children with whom she enjoys spending time.

Sr. Suha Abdo, Arabic Teacher Assistant, Grades 6 - 8

French Program

Sr. Sarah Hassoun, French Teacher -Grades 5-8

Sr. Hanan Khaled, French Teacher - Grade 4

 Special Services

Sh. Abdullah Hammoud, Imam

Sr. Syeda Maimoona Ali, Librarian