Al -Hijra Academy is an Islamic elementary school. The school offers preschool and kindergarten – Grade 8 classes serving 220 students in Windsor, Ontario. Al-Hijra Academy is a registered non-profit charitable organization and is governed by a board of directors.

With its exceptional teachers, small class size and holistic curriculum integrated with Islamic and Qur’an programs, Al-Hijra Academy offers an outstanding academic and Islamic education. As an Islamic school we also offer fully integrated Tahfeedth program called Qur’an and Sciences. The Tahfeedth Program is led by a dedicated Qur’an teacher. The core focus is memorization and understanding of the Qur’an. As a private Islamic school Al-Hijra Academy does not receive any public funding. To maintain our operations we also depend on the generosity and dedication of donors and volunteers from our community, who are all essential members of our Al-Hijra Academy team. Collectively, this team provides the Islamic environment, resources and high expectations necessary for our students to thrive.

Why Choose Us

  • New Tahfeedth program coinciding with the core subjects for parents wishing to enroll their children.
  • State of the art technology in the classrooms with the new ActivBoards.
  • Teachers use website blogs to communicate updates with students and parents.
  • Brand new building with colourful classrooms, daylight and brand new classroom furniture!
  • Preschool program available.
  • Lockers for each student.
  • Adjoining masjid for daily prayers.
  • Brand new children’s playground.
  • Filtered drinking water.
  • Soccer field for sports activities.

Take a look at our achievements of 2013-2014!