Assalamu alaikum, Dear Parents.

Al-Hijra Academy will be holding a Public Speaking Competition for students in Grades 4-8.  These speeches are a mandatory part of the oral communication section of the English program.  Speeches should be 3-5 minutes in length (students will lose marks for falling outside of this time frame) and must contain Islamic references or be focused upon an Islamic topic.  Each grade will hold an in-class competition during the week of November 22-23 in order to select the best three classmates to move on to the school level.  

Speech Competition Pacing Dates 2017

Choose topic:                          Mon., Oct. 30

Outline due:                            Wed., Nov. 1

Rough draft:                            Wed., Nov. 8

Final copy:                               Wed., Nov. 15

In-class selection week:            Mon., Nov. 20

School-wide contest:               Mon., Dec. 4  

Attached, you will find the rubric that the teachers/judges will be using to determine each student’s level of performance.  Please use this to help your child prepare an interesting and effective speech.

The Grades 1-3 students should be working on a storytelling piece to present in front of their classmates.  These stories should just be a retelling of an existing story, and 1-2 minutes in length when read aloud (approximately one written page). Parents can help their children prepare and practice at home. Students will present their work with their classmates during the week of November 20-23, insha’Allah.

Parents’ interest in education plays a vital role in the academic success of their children, so please join us for our Public Speaking Competition and for the reading of students’ stories in the classrooms.


Al-Hijra Academy

Language Arts Teachers


Download Public Speaking Rubric