You will be directed by school staff and volunteers to get accustomed to the procedure during the first week of school.


· Drive past the main parking lot of the school down Howard Ave.

· Form a single line that curves around the dead-end at the end of Howard, south of the school.

(This will prevent the back-ups that have been happening at the stop sign on Howard Ave.)

· DO NOT BLOCK CHURCH DRIVEWAYS! Stop right before our neighbours’ driveways as you wait.

· Make a right-hand turn to enter through the orchard area, south of the school.

· Form TWO lines right through as you wait your turn to drop off and pick up your child(ren).

· Drive through until you get to the speed bump area in front of the parking lot (where the portable fences are). This area is now where the start of the lines will be.

· KEEP THE CENTRE LANE OPEN AT ALL TIMES for exiting vehicles!

· Pick up your child(ren) in JK-Grade 8 as usual from the regular Drop-Off/Pick-Up area.

· Preschool parents can drive right through to pick up their children from the preschool entrance at the front of the building, as usual, but they MUST follow the new traffic route around the building.

· Exit from around the front of the school, and turn right onto Howard Ave. to depart.

New Traffic Plan

DO NOT at ANY TIME during pick-up and drop-off times attempt to enter the parking lot through the main parking lot entrance! If you have an appointment or need to see office personnel, follow the same procedure above, pick up your child(ren), drive around, and park in the front lot.

We thank you immensely for your cooperation, and we appreciate your patience during this process.